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First day of school!

"I find it unrewarding to be consistent. The world ifs full of interesting, funny, excruciating things. My attention wanders my appetites change." ~Bert Flugelman

sunny 18 °C

G'day mates! It's a beautiful day and as the Australians say...It's a beaut! (Haven't heard anyone use this slang term but apparently according to the internet it's a thing) It's a nice 57 degrees out warming up to around 65 later in the day, which as we are quickly finding out when your walking around in the city is not actually that cold. Lets go ahead and dive right into it then.

Day 3 (May 24)
To start the morning off before we had to meet Professor Ball by the Balls on Rundle Mall, some of us decided to fid a coffee shop called the St. Louis House. We actually didn't end up the as usual I'm finding out. We actually ended up in the middle of Chinatown at a Hello Kitty Cafe! It was so cute and different. Not something you would ever see in America and if you did see it in America it would probably gaudy and all pink this was a classy gold and brown cafe. It is always great when you stumble upon something unexpected. The rest of Chinatown was alike to most other Chinatowns in other big cities. We found a Hong Kong market which had lots of interesting foods in a language I don't understand, but one of our fellow travelers is from China so she promises to make us a authentic meal! We wandered through a few more stores and then met Professor Ball.

We had a lovely Australian BBQesk meal at Professor Balls house consisting of meat pies, champagne (which we brought with us), and good cheer. Professor Balls cottage is up in North Adelaide which I would say is kind of like the downtown area of Adelaide only with a more small town feel. There are lots of little cottages and parks up there. After lunch we went on a brisk walk through North Adelaide, where we saw parrots and many people heading to the football game. We definitely stood out we were going the opposite direction of the crowd and literally everyone else had turquoise on for the Port Adelaide team who lost. Interesting note: for Australian football the main choice of article of clothing to support your team is a scarf not a jersey, unlike in the U.S. Silly Australians.

After traveling back to CBD of Adelaide some of us head to the shops. SHOPPING SPREE! (said in really girly voice) Australian style is much alike to european style in my opinion. Lots of dark colors and super bright colors with patterns. Interesting note on style: style boots in Australia are almost always short style, they really don't wear up to the knee boots. We found some pretty cheap stores. In one of the stores, ICE, we finally had our first interaction with an Australian!! WOAHHHH. It was awesome. She came right up to us and asked us if we were from the states and we were like yeahhhh ;) She was really cool and gave us some good recommendations on what to do and what clubs we should hit (because you know thats terribly important). She also gave us a sweet deal on some dresses, only $6! It was nice to finally have an Australian interested in us and to meet an Australian apparently they're pretty rare!

To end the day we watched some American classics. 17 again and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and enjoyed some Ramen noodles #collegelife.

Day 4 (May 25)
First day of school! Well not really. First day being on campus as students we went through an orientation program. We saw the campus, got ID numbers, which I have promptly lost, and we met with some professor and Phd students. One of the students that we met who was significantly older then us which I guess was fine but I would of liked to meet some younger people was a Irish/Australian. She moved back and forth from Ireland to Australia her whole life so her accent is really interesting. She was also wearing a guns and roses shredded t-shirt which made her pretty cool for being a mom. Those crazy Irish gotta love 'em. The lunch itself was unsatisfactory Australian don't understand how much Americans love to eat! Noms. A pitiful half sandwich just ain't gonna cut it.

Once orientation had ended we decided to head for the Glenelg beach! Our professor called us crazy fools for going there because apparently it's cold here which it isn't. Anyways we took a 40 minute tram ride out through the suburbs to the beach. By the time we got there it was actually kind of cold because we didn't realize how long the tram took and we had all changed into shorts. Whoops. So we walked down the pier, watched a guy bash a puffers fish head into the ground and then throw him back into the water, and took some pictures. Interesting note: there are either sycamore or some kind of pine tree that lines the coastline, and there are palm trees in the city! Go figure. After we had observed the water and coastline we headed into the little town to get some grub (NOT an Australian slang word). We landed on this cheap little Mexican restaurant who served frozen margaritas, which we bought several jugs of (not that big compared to American standards). I think we actually drank the pub dry which real y wasn't hard to do because the frozen margarita was just in one of those slushy machines, but success right? We actually didn't eat at the Mexican restaurant we only wanted them for the margaritas. I found food at a Wok In a Box, which was kind of disappointing because my food didn't come in a box.

To end the night we all got dolled up, boys included, to head out for the night. Yes...On a Monday. We attempted to go to a bar called Maybe Mae, which was not the scene we were looking for there were still people eating and not really a bar life. Since that was a total bust (probably cause I didn't plan it, just kidding) I led the team to another pub that several Australians had recommended called the Austral. The Austral was the complete opposite of Maybe Mae there was literally no one there, probably cause it was a Monday. One of our groups member however had forgotten her ID so she had to leave and I volunteered to go back with her. So I didn't get to stay that long but it looked cool for the few moments that I was there. The other person and I had a quite night in which was probably better in the long run.

Sorry it has taken me so long to update. I'm obviously out a lot doing stuff. I will try to get the next couple days in before the weekend because we're heading to Kangaroo Island and probably won't have internet!


P.S. Pictures to come

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