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A thirsty camel and a pinot noir later

"May as well be here we are as we are" ~Aboriginal saying


I've made it to Australia! Many hours later through turbulent skies, crying babies, and airport meals I'm finally in Adelaide. I'm now ending my first day in Adelaide and boy am I tired. We, my fellow W&M students and I, have maybe walked 20 miles since we've been here a bit of an exaggeration maybe but it definitely feels that way. We spend much of our time walking up and down Hindley street, which is the street we live on, to RuLe ndle mall and wherever else our poor feet will take us. Let me start off with yesterday and bring you all up to speed.

Day 1 (arrival day for 7 of the 10)
I was the first one to arrive in Australia from our group, which was a bit alarming since there were supposed to be three other people arriving before me, turns out I'm just awesome. Air New Zealand is the way to go apparently. I'm not just awesome, I also seem to look like a criminal. Our professor said that custom in Australia is a breeze, but when I went through I got grilled with so many questions. It would have been find but were not supposed to say that we are studying in Australia because we aren't actually affiliated with the college so I said I was visiting and then I just got drilled on what I was planning to do. And after a 13+ hour flight I was not prepared to answer so many questions. So when I finally met with Professor Ball after customs and getting my bag scanned again, like I said I'm obviously a criminal, I looked pretty dazed. Once we gathered everyone else whose flights had been delayed we headed for the apartments.

Not much to say on our apartments. There your typical white washed low ceiling apartment. We have a little kitchen, a sofa TV area, and two bedrooms. The craziest part about the apartments is probably the shower. It's like a hurricane in there. I don't know if because we're upside down on the earth that the water pressure is greater but it is like a down pour in there.

For dinner we went to an interesting restaurant, the Black Bull. It was the biggest contradiction in itself. So it had this really cool kind of steam punk decor with leather chairs and big wooden tables, but then it had like neon disco lights and pre-pre 2000s music with weird music videos playing on all the TV screens. We were also the youngest people by far in the restaurant by at least 20 years. It was a very strange experience. The food was good though I had a chicken schnitzel and I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir from Australis of course, which was terribly exciting because I'm legal here!

After dinner we went to a bottleshop called the Thirstycamel, which is the Australian equivalent to a Virginia ABC store. Not all bottleshops are called the Thirstycamel though this one just had a funny name. The thing to buy is wine and beer or cider because hard alcohol is incredibly expensive, like $50 for a small handle. I opted for an Australian Shiraz called the Misty Lane. It was pretty good haven't finished it all yet. I'm beginning to think that Shiraz is not my choice of red wine. Can't put my finger on exactly why but just a feeling.

To top off the end of the night my sorority sister Paige, who is doing the semester abroad program, invited us to a pre-party at her flat. It was exciting to see Paige again, much hugging occurred. We met several other foreign exchange students there. Some from Chile, Germany, and Sweden. The party was a bit much for us though this still being our first day and all the jet lag was seriously starting to set in. We still haven't actually met any Australians really I'm sure we will meet more once we are actually on campus.

I would continue on with Day 2, but we did a to today and I am still struggling with jet lag so I will update that in the morning hopefully.


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