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Traveling...LAX (longest layover ever)

"Those who lose dreaming are lost"~Aboriginal Proverb

I'm one of the last men/women standing in my lounge in LAX airport, which is in Los Angeles for those who don't know. I've been sitting here for about six hours waiting out my layover and I still have three more hours until I can board a flight to sit for another ten hours or so. I've watched many travelers come and go. All of different nationalities, languages, backgrounds. I always wonder where they may be going. Are they going home to their loved ones? Or are they off on an adventure kind of like myself? I've learned a couple things already on my solo journey. Lesson #1 I learned on my plane ride to LA, which was a very small plane and completely packed. I was wedged in-between two middle aged men, which was good because middle aged men never want to talk on planes but unfortunately they were both had colds (I promptly bought germ-X once we landed). Anyways the lesson was that it is awkward to read Cosmo magazine beside two older men because you never know what crazy stuff Cosmo is going to write about. Lesson #2 was after I arrived at LAX airport. I had wandered around for probably a half mile trying to find my terminal, which I found out was not actually in the building I was in, when I collapsed in a Rolling Stones cafe because I hadn't eaten in a what seemed like an eternity (food was crap by the way, disappointment). Being the novice solo traveler that I am I sat at a table set for two by myself, but I quickly learned that as a solo traveler the best place to sit is at the bar. That way you can just turn to the person and just ask "Where are you flying to?" (I observed two probably about my age travelers do this...yes their is hope for our technology centered generation). So if you want to make a friend I believe the bar is where it's at, however if you don't want to talk to people go the table set for two route. I'm sure there are many lessons to come for me as I make my way through my travels.

I'm not sure what to expect of Australia. Apparently it is a lot like America with American TV shows and Australian copies of American TV shows. Australia also sees themselves apparently the little brother of the United States (but I mean doesn't everyone). I also see Australia being more influenced by the British given their accents are similar and they're still attached in a way. The more I think about it the more I realize how little I know about the country and the people. I expect some of the Australian stereotypes to hold true such as, rowdy people, ample amount of kangaroos (ah yay!), and outback scenes, but I also think it will have a very modern vibe especially in cities. This whole trip is definitely going to be a learning curve.

Australian word of the Day: station- large piece of land used for livestock production...so like a ranch


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